Mariachi Performance

The music you hear is only the first layer of what the mariachi program means to the Hueneme Elementary School District and its community. From practices and performances to channeling the rich culture from which the music comes, the mariachi programs at Blackstock Junior High and EO Green Junior High are nothing short of amazing.

Unlike the other after-school enrichment programs which have sessions that only last weeks at a time, the Mariachi programs are a year-long course.

Both schools provide performances well beyond their years– displaying built-in and newfound talents. The mariachi programs allow each student involved to gravitate toward the instrument that speaks to them. From there comes the musical magic!

At Charles Blackstock Junior High, the students dedicate two hours every Tuesday and Thursday to practicing. Over 50 students are enrolled in the program ranging from 6th through 8th grade. Between balancing homework and social lives, these Mariachi students also strengthen their ability to consistently work together– creating a unifying sound like none other. The Mariachi Program teaches students the power of practice, perseverance and the payoff that comes from learning something new.

The EO Green Junior High program is led by dedicated advisors, Francisco Ramos and Mark Ramos and directed by Tony and Dominick Rivera. Every Wednesday and Friday, the Mariachi students file into the cafeteria to focus on individual instrument groups to learn new chords, strumming patterns and notes for their ever growing repertoire.  Said Francisco Ramos, "Although many are new to this type of music, they are making substantial progress as the year progresses."

Performances begin in December and take place till the end of the school year on campus and at elementary schools in the area.

For the students who have not yet taken the chance to join, there is open enrollment at the beginning of each trimester. Don’t miss the chance to develop great skills and even greater memories!